PERSONAL | The #child I love

5/31/2016 10:26:00 AM

#two years has/have passed since she were born
i end up crying looking at her pictures
cepat sangat masa berlalu.

dari auni kecil tak pernah lagi buat album gambar dia.
suddenly rasa takut sangat i'll end up hilang semua gambar dia.
*sebab diri sendiri tak banyak gambar masa kecil*

luckily found this #lifebuuk apps

You can easily create a trendy photobook with LifeBuuk mobile application 
which allows you to choose 50 photos from your 
Camera Roll | Facebook | Instagram in minutes

i ordered mine d!
hari ni patutnye parcel sampai.
can't wait! i'll definitely print more. this is for us sayang :)


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