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6/01/2016 05:10:00 PM

*gambar ikhsan en google. TQ*

have you heard of this apps?
well thanks to facebook sbb rajin promote this at their sponsored post.
sampai lia terjebak nak cuba this apps. reason? sebab we can upload all our photos from phones lepas tu jadikan album. senang sebab ambil gambar now semua guna handphone je. mestilah nak cuba. since my auni lahir tak pernah pn buat album of her or pergi studio ke nak ambil gambar die. ini adalah peluang. #LifeBuuk memang awesome.

ambil peluang. nanti harddisk rosak mau menangis takde simpan kenangan my baby.

so. lia done submit my photos on 24 May 2016
they said it will took around 5 - 10 working days.

yesterday, 31 May 2016
i received my album!

nice packaging. cute. i choose the album cover
btw, each month have (3) different album cover for you to choose

the front cover of the album

i named it Auni Najlaa II
pictures of auni from she is 1 year - 2 years old.

50 pictures for RM28

i quite like the picture quality
memang berbaloi baloi!

i'm sure will upload again for 2nd album.
can't wait!

you can download this apps for free at your Google Play or Apple Store
enjoy :)

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